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Courses we offer

Nyas Yog

Technique to use one's own energy to heal himself and others with many other benefits.


A well knwon holistic healing technique for body, mind and spirit,

Gems Therapy

Since the begining of time gemstones and minerals have been used for healing.

Crystal Therapy

"The crystals are kept on the body chakras or the energy points in such a manner that they focus on areas that require healing.





About Our Courses

Alarmed by the side effects, drug reaction and high costs of drugs and failure to give relief –let alone cure in chronic and even common diseases, more and more people are turning to alternative therapies. This is apparent by large number of articles appearing in different magazines all around the world. In Britain alone, one million people have taken to alternative therapies. These therapies consists of herbal remedies used most effectively from the ancient times through Homeopathy, Yoga therapy ,Acupuncture, Flower Remedies, Acupressure, to the most recent technique-Psychic Healing or  Spiritual Healing. All these Therapies are based on a Holistic approach to treatment. They utilize and stimulate the capacity of body to heal itself. Serious researchers are investigating these methods of treatment especially in England, Brazil, and U.S.S.R. and all over the Europe.


One of the fundamental differences between conventional and other forms of medicines is that the former views the human body as somehow fundamentally flawed, always on the verge of disintegration prone to succumb to terrible illnesses from bacteria lurking behind every corner and nature is considered quite an unreliable element. To other therapists, however nature is the only ally, ever present, fully reliable effective and strong. SO MORDERN MEDICINE IS BASED ON ACTIVE INTERVENTION AND OTHERS ON STIMULATION OF THE RECUPERATIVE PROCESSES PRESENT WITHIN THE FUNCTIONAL REPERTOIRE OF THE ORGANISM. We are taught about the lymphatic system and immunology, but not of how to make better use of them. If you joined such a programme of Holistic approach to health, you could learn among many other things the following:
To relax easily and experience yourself  to become more aware of the connection between body and mind, clearing away self imposed traumatic experiences by releasing all emotional charge, allowing no place as sorrow, fear, anger and jealousy and learn how to ask what you really want or need.
To take the fullest responsibility for yourself and see exactly how you are contributing to your problems to take charge of your own life in order to create what you want, and achieve what you love.