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Courses we offer

Nyas Yog

Technique to use one's own energy to heal himself and others with many other benefits.


A well knwon holistic healing technique for body, mind and spirit,

Gems Therapy

Since the begining of time gemstones and minerals have been used for healing.

Crystal Therapy

"The crystals are kept on the body chakras or the energy points in such a manner that they focus on areas that require healing.





History of Shrimad Foundation

Dr. Reeta Singh, Nyas Master was inclined to social upliftment since her very young age.
But she found a way to do the services when she met her  Guru Dr. B.P.Sahi who is founder Director of Institute of Healing and Alternative Therapy (Patna). Dr. B.P.Sahi extracted the method of nyas  from ancient hindu scriptures 25 years ago and presented it in a form of spiritual healing and alternative therapy naming it as nyas yog.

After completion of Mastership in nyas yog and other methods of alternative healing therapy (Nyasa Grand Master, Reiki Grand Master, Karuna Reiki Grand Master, Crystals and Gems Therapist, Angel Therapist and Counselor), Her Guru Dr. B.P. Sahi instructed her to spread the nyas yog education and alternative therapies among all needy mankind around the globe. She with a team of around 50 people is carrying out the classes and workshops of nyas yog and alternative therapy since last three years. But the services had to be organized in a proper manner so the idea of website and an NGO was conceived.

This website is first stone towards the achievement of this goal.